Zinc Oxide, Magnesium Oxide, Calcium Oxide, Benzoic Acid (This is not an acid. It is a preservative for cosmetic products), N-Propanol, Triethanolamine, Deionized Water (30%), Vegan Food and Cosmetic Molecules
  • Contains NO carcinogenic ingredients
  • Not tested on animals
The back and forth movement of patented needles on the skin deeply exfoliates the epidermis (the top layer of the skin consisting of dead cells). The needles scratch the skin just enough without cutting due to the round, square needle concept created by Linda Paradis. This movement elevates the temperature of the water that the skin naturally contains.

The raise in water temperature causes the skin to generate an invisible evaporation causing the solution to be sucked inside the dermis (the deeper layers of skin). Once the solution is in the dermis, the MG, ZN, TI and CA oxides that it contains combines with the azeo-lake ferrous and ferric oxides in the tattoo pigment. The chemical reaction results in the white solution to turn green and draws the pigment to the surface of the skin.

The 300 gauss magnet helps to pull the heavy metals attached to the pigment safely out from the skin.

Ultrasonic Vibration
The German engineered Dermo Power machine that the magnetic needles are attached to vibrate at a high frequency. This stimulates blood flow to the treated area and also helps to break down the pigment molecules so they be extracted from the skin more easily.

Immediately after the procedure the individual’s skin might appear slightly red, however, the redness disappears shortly thereafter or within a day. Minor swelling or discomfort might also appear. However, most individuals go out and about with their normal lives without any interruptions if the aftercare protocol is properly followed. As with most beauty procedures, the individual must not apply any makeup on the treated area for at least 7 days and should avoid sun tanning or swimming.