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Eyebrows are the focal point of the face. We offer several different techniques for you to choose from. *Consultation required.

Each hair stroke is hand drawn with a hand tool to match the color and coarseness of your natural eyebrows. This method looks the most natural.

Nano Strokes
Each hair stroke is hand drawn with a nano machine to match the color and coarseness of your natural eyebrows. This method is better suited for more oily skin and individuals who may not get the best results from microblading.

Powder Brows
Softly colored eyebrow area which appears to look similar to very light makeup.

Ombré Brows
Ombre Starts lighter near the bridge of the nose and gets darker as it gets closer to the tail.

Hybrid/Combo Brows
The blending of hairstroke methods and microshading. This look appears natural with a more defined tail.

Solid colored eyebrow area completely filled in with color. This is the most bold look.
*Consultation required.

Lash Enhancement
We are tattooing only the area where the lashes are growing from. A Lash Enhancement will make your lash line appear fuller and thicker. It is a subtle and beautiful way to add dimension and make your eyes pop!

This always includes the lash line but also anything tattooed outside of the lash growth area. This could mean a smoky effect, winged/wedged edges or an even more dramatic stardust shading effect. How much drama added is tailored to your specific eye shape and style preference.
*Consultation required.

Lip Blushing
Lip blushing is a cosmetic tattoo that uses water-based inks to achieve a tinted, natural-looking lip color. It’s considered a less-invasive alternative to lip fillers and can correct a variety of aesthetic lip concerns, such as color, definition, or fullness.

Lip Contouring
Contouring uses light and shadows to create the illusion of shapes. It is done in various fields like fashion and décor but predominantly in beauty with contouring of the face to give it a sharper, more shapely appearance. In the case of lip contouring, it uses the same technique to make lips look fuller and plump using only makeup.

Lip Liner
Lip Liner will define the shape of the lip, Vermilion border and Cupid bow. Lip liner can be applied very lightly for a soft, natural look or heavily for a dramatic look. Lip liner's color can be blended with the current natural lip for softer look.